Under the Pudliszki® brand, we are one of Poland's leading food processors of prepared meals and the largest producer of ketchup in Poland. And in order to meet the growing demand of more than 750,000 Polish consumers living in the U.K., Pudliszki® meals are also now available in U.K. stores.

Made from the best quality ingredients, Plasmon® is the leading brand of Infant/Nutrition products in Italy. An all-natural upgrade to its product line including 100% fruit, with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, and select lean meats has positioned Plasmon to cater to all Infant/Nutrition needs.

Honig is one of the largest Dutch food brands. Honig aims to support the modern homemaker and provides inspiration for each and every meal occasion, in the categories soup, meals, Italian & Eastern pasta, and bakery.

Weight Watchers®
Weight Watchers® from Heinz® offers delicious and convenient food. Lose weight, feel great, and do it all— deliciously. Indulge, while you battle the bulge, with fast and fit-conscious Weight Watchers® meals.